3 Technologies You Absolutely Must Have for Better SEO

Ask yourself: “What exactly it is when you are looking at a website and what are three most important things to you when you are browsing say a website giving you important details on a very important topic that you will and may want to use in the next business meeting.

Arrggh, not again!

For me, it is like hell’s fury when I see my browser opening up into several small folders all bearing an advert for something that I haven’t even signed up for!

Some of them are interesting no doubt but thank you I would rather ask for them by typing it out on the taskbar than having it unsolicitedly open up on my browser and that too when I am mentally making lots for tomorrow’s crucial meeting. Hell no!’

Here are three technologies that your website must have in order to be able to cache on better SEOs:

Making your SEO Company Content mobile friendly:

This is the very first prerequisite:

As early as 2014, when mobile phones were slowly taking over the job that desktops were doing in terms of search results and people getting on to the internet search engines to get the required information, it was estimated that more and more people were accessing search engine results only through their mobile phones.

This opened a world of possibility but also had the ability to jam the search engine due to heavy traffic.

What Google,  The world leader then in search engine did was it rolled out one of its algorithms called the Mobilegeddon which almost instantly put only the mobile-friendly websites on the first page of the search results.

The result was apocalypsal in nature because most of the non-mobile friendly websites were left staring at what happened to them. It was not so easy to get back on track but eventually, they also tried picking up. This is exactly how it has happened and a lot of business organization was left shell-shocked.