How Do Mobile Speed Cameras Work

The accidents on road are majorly caused by over speeding and millions of lives are lost are by road accidents. Governments across nations have been looking at various means to keep a check on the speed of the car.  The technological advancement has revolutionized all the industries. The wonders it has created and the ease at which many works could be completed have been possible only by the technological revolution. Nowadays one could easily buy anything through online. Even the car spare parts and accessories could be easily bought from online shops like 247Spares. Thanks to the technological development, mobile speed cameras were introduced which helps the police officers a great deal to keep a check on over speeding. The speed cameras are used to enforce the rule of speed limits. It is fitted in a vehicle and is parked in highways where the speed could be tracked. There are majorly 2 kinds of mobile speed camera one can find on roads. They are radar guns and laser guns. Workings of both of them are mentioned below.

Radar gun- These are handheld devices which uses radio waves in order to target the vehicle. When the vehicle passes, radio waves get reflected back at the receiver of the radar which allows the handheld gun to work out quickly the speed of the vehicle. To read the speed, the device would take only less than three seconds. The range of the system is approximately about 300 yards.

Laser gun These camera guns which could be handheld uses the narrow light beam which is about 10 cm wide. The laser beam would bounce from the targeted vehicle and offers police officer with the right speed reading. The speed would get displayed within 0.5 seconds and it does not give any warning that is in use. Laser gun’s range is about one mile.