InMotion Hosting v/s Hostgator VPS Hosting Comparison

Are you searching for a VPS server and looking to get more traffic than the shared plan? Hostgator and InMotion hosting companies will provide you VPS plans. Also, these two hosting companies are the best in providing VPS (Virtual Planning Server) plans. This article deals with the comparison of Hostgator v/s InMotion Hosting and comes on let’s find out the best to provide VPS service. Hostgator is a well-known company for web development and they have many years of experience in the field. InMotion is also being in the field for almost five years and they are also gaining more traction.

VPS Plans Comparison of Hostgator & InMotion Hosting:

The InMotion hosting company provides you three various plans for VPS and the plans include VPS-1000S, VPS-2000S, and VPS-3000S. The Hostgator hosting company provides five various plans such as Snappy 500, Snappy 1000, Snappy 2000, Snappy 4000 and Snappy 8000. Both the plans of Hostgator as well as InMotion are similar regarding price.

By comparing two most popular plans one plan from each hosting company, it is clearly known that Hostgator plan is the cheapest one even in the payment of first time. If you don’t make use of cPanel then you can get the Hostgator plan even cheaper. But in InMotion, there is no option for using and not using cPanel.

Comparing The Hardware of InMotion & Hostgator:

The InMotion hosting has a 4GB RAM and storage of 60GB and allows for 2TB bandwidth whereas the Hostgator comes with 1GB RAM and 60GB storage as well as 1TB bandwidth. So it is very clear that InMotion offers RAM which is four times greater than the Hostgator and the bandwidth offered by InMotion is also twice when compared to Hostgator. Even though Hostgator is cheaper, it provides less access regarding its hardware.


The reputation of the company is the notable point when it comes to choosing. Both of them are the reputed company and were founded in the same year.

Servers and Performance:

After using the Hostgator hosting and the InMotion for some years, it is come to know these two completely provides different experiences. The InMotion hosting company allows the customer to select the location of the server but the Hostgator doesn’t allow the customer to select the location of the server. Since InMotion allows for selecting servers, you can choose any one from its two locations such as Virginia and California. In Hostgator hosting company, your server will be in any of their locations which will be totally 23.

Uptime Comparison:

Both the Hostgator moving company and the InMotion hosting company guarantees to provide excellent uptime but the results differ from each other. The uptime of InMotion is excellent whereas the uptime of the Hostgator is unstable.

SSD Hosting:

SSD hosting is becoming very popular nowadays and most of the companies are making use of SSD drives so as to provide more speed as well as stability to their customers. So SSD is very important for everyone who is in need of VPS server. InMotion Company makes use of SSD drives in all the plans but the Hostgator doesn’t make use of SSD drives. The tools for hosting the website don’t include SSD drives in Hostgator.

Customer Support Services:

The InMotion hosting, as well as Hostgator, provides customer support which is locally based on the customers in the US. So that you can make sure that you are talking only to them and not to the agents. Hostgator has their own techs in each branch and they will handle their customers. Both the Hostgator as well as InMotion hosting allows for live chat, email support, 24-hour telephone support and support tickets.

The live chat takes almost one minute to connect with Hostgator and for tickets and email supports it takes about four to eight hours. The telephone support of Hostgator takes two minutes to respond. Also, Hostgator doesn’t have fast live chat always. Also, Hostgator is taking some excess time for responding as well as answering support tickets and also it needs waiting a long time on the telephone. These are the comparisons of Hostgator hosting and InMotion hosting and this will be useful for you while selecting the VPS service as well as plans.