The Technology In Our Life Today And How It Has Changed

Technology is inevitable in our lives today.  Let us see how it has changed our lives from what we used to be a few years back.

Communication:  Earlier oral communication was possible only in direct conversation and over phones.  But nowadays even simple smartphones have video calling options.  In businesses, the importance of physical presence has come down.  Teams across nations can communicate using video conferencing, webinars etc. Emails play a greater role in communication.  Mails have helped organizations to go green.   Also, social networking apps have enabled instant communication to any part of the world.

Transport:  In the field of transportation, the travel time has reduced.  Technology has given us many fuel-efficient engines, innovative new modes like hoverboard etc. for travel.  One can travel either using a car or a simple and easy offroadhoverboard.  Also, travel planning is made very easy.  Things like reservation, cancellation etc have become online.

Life quality:  Life has become easy due to various home appliances made possible by technology.  High definition televisions, iPod, microwave oven, invertor, and the Internet of Things are making life enjoyable.  Office automation has reduced difficulties in work life.  Right from recipes to review -everything can be referred on the internet.

Production: Automation due to robotics have reduced errors and wastages in the field of production.  Technology has improved in agriculture, genetics and healthcare have increased longevity.

Finance: In the field of finance, transactions are made fastly using the online transfer.  Digital currency is trying to replace physical money.  More safe innovations like blockchain technology have reduced frauds and data theft.

Education:  In the field of education, the internet has brought massive benefits.  Even kids of underprivileged nations get an opportunity to gain knowledge using ebooks.  Online classes have removed geographical barriers.  Knowledge seekers can learn anything by using youtube.