Using New Technology to Gain Customers in 2018

Building a clientele can be difficult. Even if you have the perfect product and the business plan for it, pegging down your exact target audience and the right medium to pander to them takes time and research. Fortunately we have various different technology that can be used to accomplish a user base and effectiveness of a marketing medium.

  • QR Codes in Real Estate: The Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties came up with placing QR codes on their properties which can be scanned by passers-by to access detailed information about the property.
  • Augmented Reality for Enhanced Customer Experience: Augmented reality has been a transformative field in marketing. Customers can not only experience the product, but experience how it fits into their surroundings. Businesses have been using augmented reality increasingly to create more sells.
    • IKEA, Home Depot etc. have created apps for android and iOS to superimpose their furniture inside your own living room, with different colors try on option to look exactly how it fits in.
    • Companies have started building browse catalogs for viewing different products and services they offer in their augmented reality platforms.
    • Many salons, landscapers and retailers are coming up with their own augmented reality platforms for customers to give them a chance to visualize the end product in their personal space. Chances are much higher for customers to make a purchase once they have tested it in their personal space.
  • Data Analytics: The investments made in marketing in ads and various other channels are highly comprehensive with the help of technology. Businesses are using it to determine which channels target their customer base more effectively, like improve your chances of selling more products with callbox. This reduces the padded marketing expense that can be targeted productively.